Thursday, May 16, 2013

Improve PC Performance – Using Performance Information and Tools

A computer is a helpful machine and plays a vital role in our lives. Moreover, it helps us in many situation to save our time and work load. However, problems arise when you do not take proper care of a system. In addition, there are several tweaks you can apply to enhance a system’s performance. With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy the better efficiency of computer machine.

Optimize Windows Registry:
While we talk about the system’s performance, first thing comes in mind is Windows registry. It is the central hub for system’s information and stores settings for each application. It is infected when proper procedure is not adopted while uninstalling/reinstalling a program. In result, some keys are left in registry. In addition, these unused/unnecessary keys contribute to disturb the registry. Therefore, clean it with the help of a free registry cleaner such as Registry Recycler.

Launch Performance Information and Tools:
It is a combination of performance tools in your system. Here, you can make effective changes in PC. Moreover, you can improve system’s performance with these changes. Follow the below steps to start the process.

1.       Click Start Button
2.       Select Control Panel
3.       Navigate to the “Performance Information and Tools”
4.       In addition, you will find below mentioned options on the left pane of window

Adjust Visual Effects:
Here, you can make changes in the Windows appearance. Moreover, one can optimize the PC performance by changing the Menus, Task Bar, Visual Styles, and Buttons of Windows.

Adjust Power Settings:
With this option, you can make optimize your power settings. In addition, you have generally three options for power plan settings. You can make changes for effective use the battery life of a system.
These three options you will find:

1.       Power Savor
2.       Balanced (Recommended)
3.       High Performance

Open Disk Clean Up:
At times, your disk is bursting with unnecessary data like temporary files, undeleted folders of old programs, and some other unused files. An occupied disk may affect your system’s performance. Therefore, you need to delete these files and folders. For this, you run Disk Cleanup utility in order to clean your disk and make free space in it.

Advanced Tools:
You will find a list of utilities in this option, once you have accessed to it. These utilities are specially designed to improve a system’s performance. Moreover, you may find notifications about performance related issues and their suggestions. These utilities you will find in it:

1.       Disk Defragmenter
2.       System Information
3.       Task manager
4.       Performance monitor
5.       Event viewer

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