Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Windows 7 Fails To Boot – Error Code 0x490

I have installed Windows 7 in my system for ease of my work. However, a problem rose last night when I wanted to boot my system and it failed. In addition, my system restarted itself and I got an error code of 0x490. I tried last known good configuration to fix the issues instantly but it did not work. It was a very panic situation for me that time. Nevertheless, I tried few recommended actions by the experts and it worked successfully. If you are having such issue, then you need to follow the below mentioned steps to solve it.

Fix Error Code 0*490

If problem still exists when you h tried the following, then proceed to the procedure:
1.       Last Known Configuration
2.       Startup Repair
3.       Changes in the BIOS settings
4.       Safe Mode

Unplug USB Devices:
1.       Unplug all USB devices form the System
2.       Remove Additional hardware from the System
3.       Start your System
4.       If it still does not fix the issue, then move to next step.

1.       You need to have a Windows 7 Installation Disc, insert it into the Disc Drive.
2.       Start the System
3.       Press any key when a message appears on your screen “Press Any Key to Boot from CD or DVD.”
4.       In next step, choose Language and Time
5.       Click Next
6.       Click “Repair Your Computer”
7.       Select your Operating System and click on Repair
8.       Click Next
9.       “System Recovery Options” dialog box will appear on Screen
10.   Select Command Prompt
11.   Type “sfc /scannow”
12.   Press Enter

Master Boot Record (MBR):
If the problem is in master Boot Record (MBR), try this:
1.       Insert Windows 7 Repair Disc
2.       Navigate to the “Recovery Tools”
3.       Select “Command Prompt”
4.       Type and Enter “bootrec.exe /FixMbr”
5.       If it is succeeded, your system will boot normally

You can also try:

6.       Type and Enter “bootrec.exe /FixBoot”
7.       It will write a boot sector on the system partition to start the Windows normally

Optimize Windows Registry:
As you know Windows registry is sensitive to get affected whenever a change is made in the system, therefore when you are logged into the Windows, optimize it with the help of reliable registry software. It will clean the registry from unused entries.


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