Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Manually Fix and Remove REGSVR.EXE Virus

Open network like World Wide Web, is chock-full of viruses and infections. Some of these infections are fatal for your system, while others are quite easy to remove. Titled above is one of such type. This naughty little fellow is one of the most discussed worms, which make people cry. Although an accomplished antivirus must grab it for extermination, there are users looking for help in this regard. This text would tutor you with extremely simple way to get rid of it.

Manually Remove REGSVR.EVE Virus

·         It is activated on each startup, influences the programs & applications, which may create a conflict with it. This is the reason it overrules even an antivirus program.
·         As it is just a process, it can be viewed and ended temporarily. For this reason, it disables certain Windows tools and elements like Registry Editor and Task Manager to protect itself.
·         As it is just a process, it is the most influenced process in the processes log. This makes it consume a major portion of the system and memory resources. Resultantly, slows down your PC with lethargic operations.
·         It repetitively creates Autorun.inf at locations you browse in. These folders are of executable extension and are unsafe to open. Through this, it tries to influence throughout the drives and directories.

·         Type MSCONFIG in the Run box and hit Enter to view System Configuration window
·         Go to the Startup tab and look for regsvr, uncheck the box next to it, and click OK button
·         Open Scheduled Tasks from Control Panel and Delete the relevant tasks listed there
·         Type REGEDIT in the Run box and hit Enter to run Windows Registry Editor
·         Go to Edit menu, click Find, and search for regsvr.exe

·         Delete each occurrence of this process from Windows Registry
·         Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE to reach the following registry key
·         SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ Current Version \ Winlogon
·         Within the last key, locate an entry named Shell, on the right panel of registry editor

If anything like Shell = “Explorer.exe regsvr.exe” has appeared, delete only regsvr.exe text from it

·         Double click this entry to Modify

·         In the text field under Value data, remove regsvr.exe, leaving explorer.exe behind
·         Scan and repair your Windows Registry against invalid, corrupted and damaged registry entries by a reliable software. Here is the link to recommended registry cleaner for fixing registry errors..
·         Now go to the System32 folder with Windows folder. Locate and delete regsvr.exe
·         Show the hidden items on your computer search for regsvr.exe on all your directories and delete them one by one

After you have successfully removed this virus, scan your computer with multiple antiviruses. Make sure in the above procedure, not to confuse this virus with regsvr32.exe, which is a legitimate file. Moreover, do not remove explorer.exe from the Shell entry, or it may stop your PC to boot up next time. 


  1. Never encountered this particular virus but good to know in advance to track and remove this virus.Thanks for sharing.

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  4. i laptop is infected by this virus, i cant found regsvr in run/startup , i am using windows home basic , i found rgsvr in abhi/appdata/roaming . what can i do pls help me

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