Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Fix Audio Issue and Windows Live Movie Maker

There are many issues that may cause itches your head but fortunately, all those issues have a solution. All you need to do is to concentrate on it and learn “how to get rid” of it. From the day first having new Windows until the day you buried it, issues arise but you can get rid all of them and enjoy a better PC experience. In this article, we will concentrate on two main issue, audio issue, and Window Live Movie Maker.

Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Movie Maker is one of the coolest features of any operating system and its still getting along well with every new operating system. However, it is quite nasty when you can’t edit your photos and video. You can solve this issue by following procedure.
For some reasons Windows, moviemaker will not let you to import network files. It happens, for many reasons, one is large traffic. Well, you can fix it through quick registry trick. Follow steps:
1.       Go to Start
2.       In search box type Run and Enter
3.       In run Box type ‘Regedit’
4.       Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Movie Maker
5.       Add a DWORD value “AllowNetworkFiles” and Set value to “1”
And there you go. Moreover, you can download free registry cleaner XP to avoid any registry issue.

DVD Audio Issue
It has been reported by many reviewers that Windows 7 run well on notebook. Obviously, not all the PC in world does work alike, some work well like anything and others are so dumb that you start hating your computer. Obviously most of them have Windows just as you have but there is a difference in handling PC issue by users. Once you get a grip on it, your PC will run like anything.
Even then, there are problem noticed regarding inserting DVD and it sounds unintelligible or does not come at all. If something similar to this issue happened to you then follow this:
1.       Got to Start Menu
2.       go to ‘Control Panel’ and click Hardware and Sound > Sound
3.       now, right click on your current default Playback device
4.       Select Properties.
5.       Now click on Advance
6.       Clear any setting in Exclusive Mode Box
7.       Click OK
Now bad audio hardware’s cannot harm your computer. If still does not work, install new driver for audio. Hope you could fix these issues.

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