Monday, April 29, 2013

Recover Frozen Windows 7 Update Installation

Microsoft has enabled Windows to inform you about available updates. Most manufacturer companies, that have pre-installed Windows 7 in the system, have enabled automatic updates. Automatic update is a utility for the users to stay their system updated. These updates take time according to the number of updates. However, a system freezes sometimes when updating is in process. One cannot terminated update program and experience continues crashes/ restart of system.

Following messages may appear on screen:
1.       “Preparing to Configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer”
2.       “Configuring Windows Updates (x) % Complete. Do not turn off your computer”
3.       “Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update (x) of (x)…”
If you are finding above messages, then you need to go with below flow.
Causes of Windows Update Freezes:
1.       Software conflict
2.       Pirated Windows
3.       Improper installation
4.       Corrupted Windows updater
5.       Virus/ malware
6.       Corrupted Windows registry

Restart System:
Try to restart system. Afterwards, launch the update program, incase Windows behave normally. If system does not restart by commands, then restart it forcefully.

Launch Windows in Safe Mode:
Check for the issues by booting in safe mode. You will have access only to basic system files and drivers. Moreover, it will inspect the conflicting service or program.

System Restore:
Try to launch system restore program. Select the latest restore point, which was created by the operating system. This action will undo the changes made in the system. In addition, your system will return to the previous best state. Save your work and move to System Restore.
1.       Click Start button
2.       Type “System Restore” in the Search box
3.       Press Enter
4.       “System Restore” Windows will pop up
5.       Follow the instructions. Restart your system

Complete Startup Repair:
Startup repair action will help to replace and repair corrupted Windows files. It will scan your system for problems.
1.       Insert Windows 7/ recovery disc in the drive
2.       Restart system. Press any key to boot from Windows installation/repair disc
3.       Select language. Click Next
4.       Select “Repair Your Computer”
5.       Choose your Operating System and click Next
6.       Select “System Recovery” option and click Next
7.       Choose “Startup Repair”. Follow the instructions

Scan Your System:
Once you are done with the startup repair, scan your system with the good antivirus program.

Clean Windows Registry:
Frequent changes in the Windows disturb registry. As Windows registry is the database for all settings and information, it will affect system programs. Therefore, fix registry errors with the help of good registry cleaner.

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