Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 PC Tasks You Should Be Doing – But you Don’t

We often need a system to make our work easy. With the help of a good system work goes more easy and interesting. However, we do not take proper care of a system and do not apply some necessary actions to make it more efficient. Therefore, our system does not respond quickly at times. In addition, we forget to maintain the PC.
best-tasks-you should-do

Here I am going to mention some effective tasks to optimize PC. In addition, these tasks will increase your system efficiency.

Clean Your System’s Case and Other Input Devices:
We attach different devices to our system in order to make it more efficient. However, we forget to clean them properly. If input devices that are attached to our system are polluted, they will not function normally. Moreover, system will also get affected. Life span of such devices will be shorter than normal. Therefore, with the help of blower and other cleaning kit, clean these devices.
Keyboard, mouse, joystick, touch screen, and light pen are the example of input devices.
Moreover, clean your system’s case. A polluted case will not motivate hardware to function properly.

Make Backup Of Your Vital Data:
A PC is not safe permanently. There is no surety of any incident. Moreover, a system may crash or hard drive may fail due to various reasons. Therefore, always make a backup of your vital data. Because, you are not sure about future happenings. In Windows, you have a backup option in which you can create backup of data manually. Moreover, you can do it with the help of any backup software.

Delete Temporary Files:
While browsing the net o downloading files, temporary files are saved in a folder. This temporary files folder is filled with all junk files. We do not need these files in future. In addition, it lodges space and slower the system performance. Therefore, always delete temporary files.

Update Drivers:
There are many devices attached to our system. These devices are for the support and our comfort. You must know that out dated drivers of the devices do not support various applications. Therefore, get latest updated drivers from the manufacturer’s website. It will help you to use various programs.

Assign A Password:
Always assign a password to your system and files. Almost every user saves important and confidential data in his system. Therefore, a password is necessary to assign to such data. 

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