Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Install Windows8 without Dumping Windows 7

Windows8 is capturing the large portion of market. However, most of the users still want to have Windows7 version on their systems. In start experts stated, that it is not good ideas to have another operating system along with Windows8. However, it is possible to have Windows8 and Windows7 on a same machine. In addition, it works great and you will have two booting options. Follow the procedure to install Windows8 without ignoring the Windows7.

Compatibility Check:
First, you need to download the “Windows8 Upgrade Assistant Application.” This application is used to check the compatibility check of your system files with Windows8. It will show “Let’s See What’s Compatible” screen on your system when you run it. Moreover, it will check your system for compatibility (it will tell you either that installed software on your system will work or not with the new operating system).

Here Is What We Found:
You will find this on screen “Here’s What We Found.” You will see various programs that are compatible with new windows. In addition, programs that are not compatible will also be listed.

Click “Next” to proceed.

Choose What To Keep:
Since we are not upgrading the operating system and ready to install a complete new clean installation of Windows8, therefore select “Nothing” and click “Next.” In addition, close the application when new page opens.

Create A Partition:
You need to create a separate partition on your hard drive for the Windows8. It will help you to install a new operating system without bouncing into Windows7. In addition, in startup you will find option between two operating systems to boot the system.

1.       On the Desktop, right click Computer
2.       Navigate to the Manage
3.       Click Storage
4.       Select Disk Management
5.       A new screen will pop up, which will show available drives on your machine.
6.       Right click on the Hard Disk where you want to install Windows8
7.       Select Shrink Volume (it will define the available space)
8.       Select the Space you want to offer to Windows8 (you must have at least 20 GB space)
9.       You will find a disk with a black bar on the top. In addition, this disk will be labeled as “Unallocated.”
10.   Click on it and continuously click on Next button, unless you find Format Partition
11.   Do it with defaults
12.   Assign a name to the new Drive (like Windows8)

Insert Windows8 DVD for Installation:
To install the Windows8, follow the procedure:

1.       Insert the Windows8 titled DVD in the Drive
2.       Restart your System
3.       Press any key when asked on the blank screen
4.       Select your Language and click “Install Now
5.       Provide Product Key to continue installation process

Chose Custom And Created Partition:
Be careful in this step.
1.       Click the Custom, which is listed as the Second Choice
2.       It will make a clean installation of Windows8 on your system
3.       Click Next
4.       You will find the hard drive partition names on screen
5.       Click on the newly created partition (which you created for widows 8 installation)
6.       Click Next
7.       When installation is completed, you will find two options to boot the system after boot up
8.       One is Windows7 and second is Windows8
9.       Select Windows8

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