Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Stop Programs Interfering Games

If you are a routine game player, you must be aware that games always need loads of computer processing. Some programs interfere when you play game or they are extra burden on processor. We can deal with issue in a good manner by using a clean boot up. It involves minimum usage of drivers and startup programs. These background-running programs are continuously biting computer speed. Using a clean boot will let you to get rid of issue.

When you start computer several programs including, anti-virus, system utilities and other software start working actively. These programs interfere when you install a game such as age of empires.

Perform a clean startup
Before you perform a clean start up, make sure that you logged in as an administrator. Disabled programs will stop working. Follow simple steps for clean startup:
1.       Go to Start Menu
2.       In search bar, type msconfig
3.       Press Enter
4.       Provide password if prompted for administrator password
5.       In System configuration, click Selective Startup
6.       Uncheck Load Startup Items
7.       Now click Services Tab
8.       In bottom, check Hide all Microsoft Services
9.       Now click Disable all
10.   Click Ok
11.   When prompted, click Restart

Verify if problem resolved
Once computer restart, try to start affected game to see if its working. If game is running OK, then background programs were the reasons for occurring problem.
In a case, problem come back after clean startup, background programs were not a problem. Furthermore, you should revert to settings you have did reading this article to take computer back to original settings. If you are still unable to resolve issue, you should determine ‘What causing problem’.

Check Hardware Requirements
If you have through but still unable to be succeed. Then you must go to game manufacturer website and check hardware requirements. Then verify if your PC fulfills hardware requirements. Go to desktop, right click on Computer, and click properties. In this Windows, you can see basic hardware installed in your PC. Moreover, recall checking if any of hardware needs driver update. In this case, go to manufacturer website and download latest drivers.

Update computer according to hardware and driver requirements and restart. Now try to install desired game.

Most probably, you will be able to play game. Keep yourself up to date on internet with latest issues related to your favorite game.

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