Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to solve – Error “Disk Defragmenter Could Not Start”

Microsoft has enabled different utilities to solve the issues in any operating system. Windows troubleshooter helps you to furbish up the problem. However, there are certain snags you find and need a complete guide to fix them. At times, you may experience various errors like, system goes slow, problem in copying files, or failure application installation. In this scenario, one plans to defragment disk drives. Nevertheless, condition is more panic when “Disk defragmenter could not start” error appears.

Error “Disk Defragmenter Could Not Start”

Do not sit idle. First, you need to check Windows registry. Often times, corrupted registry causes above problem. Therefore, clean Windows registry with the help of free registry software. Once you are done with registry cleaning, follow the below mentioned steps to solve the issue.

Errors in Hard Drive:
You need to run the check disk utility to find the errors in hard drive.
1.       Click Start button
2.       Type “cmd.exe” in Search box
3.       Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
4.       “Command Prompt” will pop up
5.       Type “chkdsk /r” and press Enter
6.       Type “Y” when you are asked for “if you want the disk checker to run the next time the computer is start”
7.       Restart computer and defragment the drive now
8.       If it does not defragment, then follow the next step

Run System Restore:
Often times, changes made in the system causes defragment error. Therefore, you need to run system restore. Follow the below procedure:
1.       Click Start button
2.       Click All Programs
3.       Navigate to Accessories
4.       Click System Tools
5.       Select System Restore
6.       Here, select the most recent restore point from the list
7.       Click “Next” and go with flow
8.       Now, defragment your hard drive.

Low space In Hard Drive:
Some users have heavy data stored on the hard drive and left with low space. However, you need at least 15- 20 % free space on hard drive to run disk defragment. Delete unnecessary data. Restart system and defragment hard drive. To check space in the hard drive, follow this procedure:
1.       Open Computer
2.       Right click the Disk Drive and select Properties
3.       Here you will see the free and used space in percentage

Virus and Malware:
A system will not perform normal if virus or malware infects it. You need to scan your system with a good security program. Remove threats and restart system. In addition, always enable system security option.

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