Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Optimize BIOS to Improve PC Performance

It is easy to make changes in PC in order to improve its performance. Moreover, effective changes in the system will make your PC to run fast. One thing which users forget to do, is optimizing system BIOS. By tweaking some advanced setting, they can enjoy working on the flawless computer.

Computer BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the first program, which loads when a system starts up.
It is responsible to collect all data about system hardware components, like RAM and CPU speed etc. Operating system is launched, when everything is calculated. You can also use PC optimizer program to increase system performance. For this, run any good optimizer program in the system. In addition, this program will also clean Windows registry from errors. Once you are done with this step, follow the below procedure for optimizing BIOS.

Note: Optimizing BIOS will decrease Windows BOOT time.

Enter into BIOS:
1.       Start your Computer
2.       Here, you will act quickly to enter system BIOS.
3.       Press f1, f2, f12 or Delete button to enter BIOS. (According to your system)
4.       You will enter into the BIOS settings

Boot Order Configuration:
Boot order configurations will speedup system startup. Different boot items are managed in the BIOS. In which CD/DVD drive, flash drive and hard drives are included. Normally, to launch Windows, your system boots from hard drive. Often times, BIOS detect the drive to boot operating system and it takes time. To save time in system startup and configure boot order, follow the procedure:

1.       Press the correct key (f1, f2, f12, or Delete) to Enter BIOS
2.       Find Boot entry and go to the Sub Menu
3.       Find entry which states, “Boot priority order”, “Boot sequence,” or “Boot Device priority”
4.       Press “Enter”
5.       Look for your hard drive in the list, if it is listed on 1st number, then do not make any change. Otherwise, move it to 1st number
6.       Press f10 to “Save Changes and Exit”
7.       Restart system to make changed effective.

Update BIOS:
Out dated BIOS increase PC boot time. Therefore, you need to update BIOS in order to make it compatible with other programs. It will improve PC performance and decrease boot time.
You can download BIOS updates from motherboard/PC manufacturer website. You may need to find which version of BIOS you have.

1.       For Windows XP: type “msinfo32” in the Run Box
2.       For Windows 7: type “msinfo32” in the Search box
3.       Press Enter
4.       “System Information Tool” will open
5.       Under “System Summary,” note your BIOS version
6.       Download from your PC’s manufacturer website

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