Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Common Windows 7 Problems and Their Solution

So, you have Windows 7 on your PC or laptop. You must have operated previous Windows as well but this one came out really nice. As previous versions of windows have some errors and problem; Windows 7 also has. These are not severe issues but fixing them would be of great benefit to you.

First thing first, in this article, you will be editing in registry so you must have a free registry cleaner. It will help your PC to work efficiently and speed up. Follow few tips to get more from your PC.

Windows Aero not working?
You must be aware about your graphic card either it support aero and it should be up to date but if your computer came with new Windows 7, it should not be the problem.
You can also disable aero from your registry. Go to Start Menu, type ‘run’, in this box, type ‘regedit’ and press Enter. A window will appear and browse:
The value of entry ‘EnableAeroPeek’ set to 1 instead of 0.

DVD drive not found
You may experience that window is unable to find DVD drive. This issue also involves editing registry so you must be very careful about it.
To do this, go to Start menu, type ‘run’, in this box, type regedit. Once registry windows open navigate to:
Go to ‘right hand panel delete’ now, ‘UpperFilters’ and then ‘LowerFilters’. Restart Windows and see if problem resolved. If does not then follow another procedure.
Click on Start menu, type ‘Disk Management’ and select ‘create and format hard disk partition’. Once disk management windows open right click on ‘optical drive’ and select ‘Change Drive Letter’ and Paths. In ‘Change Drive Letter and Path’ click on ‘Change’ choose new drive letter. Restart Windows and hopefully problem resolved.

In this way, you can solve common PC problems. It is not just limited to these issues but there are other lots more issue that you must be aware to avoid any unpleasant circumstances happen.


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