Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Fix Registry Errors

Microsoft Windows has a primary database to store all of its settings and data. Almost every computer user knows this database is known as Windows registry. The registry is a complex database which is prone to problems and errors because it is updated every time you open folder copy a file in it, install software applications or remove software application, add system components are delete system components. When the registry runs into problems, errors like “registry keys not found”, ” Windows run-time error” or “problems loading software” starts to appear. Your system starts to take more time at startup and in shutting down because registry performance is very important for the overall system performance. Now you need to find registry errors and fix them tospeed up your computer. Registry cleaners are specially designed software applications to find registry errors and then fix them:

1.       Download a freeware registry cleaner like “Registry Recycler” and install it in your system.
2.       Launch the program after installing it on your system. Now select “Scanner” and click on “start scan”. You can choose different options like “COM/ActiveX Entries” or “Font Entries”, but if you do not know what this stuff will do then do not do any changes in settings.
3.       By clicking on start scan. The program will scan the registry for missing or damaged ActiveX components that are needed by your web browser for proper functionality. It will also locate damage programs and invalid entries and fixes them. Invalid entries are a major cause of your system crashes.
4.       Click on “Fix Errors” when the scan is completed and errors are identified that are causing the troubles to your computer. When asked to “Backup registry” click on “Yes”.
5.       Click on “Fix Errors” when the backup is complete. By clicking on “Fix errors” the registry errors are fixed.
6.       Restart your system and check, now your system is working fine. If the system is causing problems then remove the programs that are still causing problems to the registry. Damaged and corrupt programs cause major problems to your computer and slows it down.
7.       To uninstall the damaged programs go to control panel. Double click on “Programs and features” select the damaged program and click on “Uninstall”.   
8.       Run the registry cleaner again to remove the entries that are left by damage program in the registry. Restart your computer it is all done.

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