Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learn How to Protect your PC

Well you have a PC but you never notice how it works and what else it needs other than work. Once should know about basics of protecting PC, which in turn optimizes your PC. Microsoft understands that online security is important and provides built in security for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows explorer.
There are several ways you can protect your PC.

Secure Microsoft account
Microsoft account enables you to connect to favorite people, setting, and preference. It is a good idea that you add security info. If ever you lost your account password, Microsoft will help you get back you password by verifying security info.
How to add security info – you can add security info in the following way
1.       Go to Microsoft website homepage
2.       Sign in your account
3.       Find “Password and security info” click underneath ‘Edit security info’
4.       Follow instruction and change or edit security info
a.       Use an alternate email address
b.      Phone numbers
c.       Any other PC that you recognize (Like any family PC)
d.      Add a security question that you think other people don’t know (e.g.; hacker)
5.       When you are done Click or tap OK
Tip: It would be a good idea to add security in beginning before you got into trouble.
Keep PC up to date
Good news in this regard is that you do not have to crawl on web to find updates and other cranky fixes. Windows enable you to install updates automatically whenever they are available. You still have control on it. You can select just updates only that you think are important to you and Windows will let you know when they will be available. Windows never install any app without user permission and does not uninstall or upgrade any app without users consent.
Windows 8 will turn on automatic update unless you select to turn it off. You have option to check this setting and turn on or off automatic update. To do this:
1.       Open Charm bar
2.       Go to ‘Search’
3.       Type ‘Turn automatic updating on or off’
4.       Now click ‘Settings’
You can also use control panel to turn on Automatic updates and customize desired updates.
In Windows RT and Windows 8, it always helps to update your PC. It keeps your PC running smooth and well. Moreover, it protects PC from major threats and work as an antidote.

Also Protect your Pc from Registry Errors to ensure your system performs well. For that, use this free registry cleaner to repair and fix corrupted registry entries.

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