Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Steps to Optimize your Windows 7

helpful windows 7 tips-optimize windows 7
There are different ways such as freeware to optimize Windows 7 with free for better, fast and more efficient performance. Windows 7 has some nice build-in features that can be helpful to speed it up. If you are also frustrated by your Windows, then this is the right place for you to know, the ways that can be helpful to optimize your PC. Follow the below given steps to speed up and optimize your PC.

Restart Your PC Regularly:
Restarting your PC regularly will ensure that your PC does not get slow. In system restarting process all open programs are get closed and system resources and memory is freed.

Remove Unnecessary Programs from Windows Startup:

Your computer’s operating system gets slow when there are more programs running. And your computer’s operating system works fast when there is only few programs running. So as a result it is wise to remove all the unnecessary programs that you are not using to optimize Windows performance.

Use Ready Boost:

Windows Operating system has very amazing feature to speed up your computer which is known as “Ready Boost”. Ready boost allows your computer to use a flash drive as a RAM. This will considerably improve your computer’s performance and speeds it up.
For using this Windows feature just plug in your flash drive in your computer. When “ Auto-play” dialog will appear, and then select the “speed up my system” option. Now Ready Boost is enabled on your computer.

Uninstalls Unnecessary Programs:
It is very important to uninstall all those programs that you are not using to speed up your computer. Sometimes computer’s come with preinstalled programs that are of no use. So it is always a good idea to uninstall all those programs that are of no use. For Uninstalling programs go to Windows start and click on Control panel. From control panel go to “Programs and Featues” and then selects the programs you want to delete. After selecting the program click on “Uninstall”.

Disk Cleanup:
Use Disk cleanup once a week to remove all the unnecessary and temporary files from your computer. This will free up the space on your primary drive and optimize Windows. For using “Disk Cleanup” feature go to start and type “Disk cleanup” and select it. Use Disk cleanup regularly to free the space on your computer.     

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