Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Pick the Best Registry Cleaner

If you're interested in using a registry cleaner to boost the speed and reliability of your computer, it's important that you're able to use the best tool. The problem many people have is that they get a poor quality cleaner and it actually causes more damage than good to your PC. This is a common problem and has made many people weary of registry cleaners, but if you can get a good tool, you should be able to make your PC run a lot better with it.

In order to pick the best registry cleaner, you first need to know what these tools can do for your computer. Basically, they are all designed to find and remove errors from the 'registry', which is a big central database that Windows uses to store files and settings for your system. The registry stores information such as your desktop wallpaper and screen resolution and is essential for helping Windows to remember all the options it does.

Registry tools scan through the registry and fix any corrupt or damaged settings that might be causing a problem inside it. However, the best tools are the ones which can scan through the most registry settings and identify the largest number & variety of errors. The problem with most poor quality registry tools is that they just scan through a few files at once, and do not have the ability to identify many errors (which is bad). You need to use the tool that can find 10-15 different category of registry error.

When looking for a free registry cleaner, you basically need to look through some recommendations online and then try and match the ones that are recommended with the features you need to look for. The most important features of a registry cleaner are the number of registry it can scan, whether it has a backup facility, how often it's updated and how popular it is.

You should first try and read through some registry cleaner reviews to see which tools are the most recommended. You'll find about 7 different tools are recommended by most websites, giving you a smaller choice of the best cleaners. We've been using these tools for a long time and have found that one called "Registry Recycler" works the best for our test systems. This is a very popular tool which is kept updated regularly by its developer. It's able to find and fix 12 categories of registry error and works quickly.

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